Here you can find links to talks that I have given in the past, both formal and informal, starting from the most recent.

Group Meeting
New Haven, CT (2018)
“Impact of Protein Environment on Slr1694 BLUF Photoreceptor”

PhD Final Defense
Seattle, WA (2017)
“Breaking symmetry in time-dependent electronic structure theory to describe spectroscopic properties of noncollinear and chiral molecules”

253rd ACS National Meeting
San Francisco, CA (2017)
“Can quantized vibrational effects be obtained from Ehrenfest mixed quantum classical dynamics?”

Guest Lecture for SPU’s Intro to Research Methods Course
Seattle, WA (2016)
“Molecules and Light (or, Why you see what you see)”

251st ACS National Meeting
San Diego, CA (2016)
“Atomic-orbital based real-time TDDFT for circular dichroism spectroscopy”

PacfiChem 2015
Honolulu, HI (2015)
“Theoretical investigation of magnetic exchange interactions in dilute magnetic semiconductor quantum dots induced by defects”

Guest Lecture for SPU’s Intro to Research Methods Course
Seattle, WA (2015)
“Explorations into Molecular Magnetism”

PhD Candidacy Exam
Seattle, WA (2015)
“Putting a Spin on Time-Dependent Electronic Structure Theory”

249th ACS National Meeting
Denver, CO (2015)
“Linear Response Complex Generalized Hartree Fock”

Theory Group Meeting
Seattle, WA (2014)
“Generalized Hartree Fock: Symmetry Breaking and Magnetic Ordering”

248th ACS National Meeting
San Francisco, CA (2014)
“Equation of motion formalism of second order many-body perturbation theory (EOM-MBPT2) and second-order approximate coupled-cluster (CC2)”

TSRC Excited States and Time-Dependent Electronic Structure Theory
Telluride, CO (2014)
“Low-Scaling Approximations to the Equation of Motion Coupled Cluster Singles and Doubles (CCSD) Equations”