Hi! I’m Josh, and this is my personal webpage.

My professional interests lie at the intersection of chemistry, quantum computing, and machine learning. I like solving problems and have wide range of interests generally revolving around writing computer code to make sense of complex things. I’m an avid Python programmer (over a decade now!), and I also like cooking, hiking, and the Pacific Northwest.

Currently, I am a visiting researcher on contract with Google Quantum AI, working toward making chemical simulations on quantum computers a reality. In addition to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with chemical simulation, I evaluate the scope, cost, and scale of current quantum algorithms for industrial R&D. I collaborate with industry partners across the globe to identify cutting-edge use cases for pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing and provide routes to further reduce the computational costs.

Previously, I was a UW Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington in Seattle, leveraging machine learning methods (particularly reinforcement learning) to obtain compact representations of molecular wave functions. The hope is that these optimally compact wave functions can be used on near-term quantum computers to solve challenging chemical problems.

Before that, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Yale, doing research in the Hammes-Schiffer lab working at the interface of computational chemistry and biology, and before then I was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow in at the University of Washington (theoretical and computational chemistry). I received my BS in Chemistry & Biochemistry from Seattle Pacific University.

I hope you find something useful here – feel free to email me any time!